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Landeck Properties Inc.

4145 North Service Rd., Suite 105
Burlington, Ont, L7L 6A3
905 • 336 • 3110

1001 Champlain Blvd. Burlington, ON

Dr. Wolfgang Zenker


905 • 336 • 3110 Ex.3

The primary focus is to ensure the work place experience meets the customer’s goals and objective. With over 50 years’ experience in residential and commercial real estate, he is here to make your experience the best.

Fanes Hyppolite

Operations Manager

D: 905 • 336 • 3110 Ex.2

C: 905 • 330 • 5319

Fanes is in charge of the daily operations of the buildings and endeavours to make sure all of the customer needs are achieved. With a strong sense of service and quality, he is here to ensure the customer experience is the best possible every day.

Vivienne M. Jones

Office Manager

905 • 336 • 3110 Ex.1

Vivienne is in charge of the daily administration of the buildings and is here to answer any and all questions and concerns. With years of service experience, she is here to help the customer.